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Low energy antiproton physics conference

, by  Paul Indelicato

LEAP 2018 is the 13th conference on Low Energy Antiprotons Physics

The 13th Low Energy Antiproton Physics (LEAP) Conference will be held in Paris from Mars 12th to March 16th, 2018 at the University Pierre and Marie Curie in Paris

The LEAP conference is held every two or three years since 1990 to discuss the latest findings and exchange information in the interdisciplinary fields with low energy antiprotons.

The 12th LEAP conference was held in 2016 in Kanazawa (Japan) and the 11th one was held in 2013 in Uppsala (Sweden).

After the initial conference in 1990 in Stockholm, LEAP was held in Courmayeur (1992), Bled (1994), Dinkelsbühl (1996), Villasimius (1998), Venice (2000), Yokohama (2003), Bonn (2005), Vienna (2008) and Vancouver (2011).

Conference topics

  • Antihydrogen
  • Probing the Standard Model and Fundamental Symmetries
  • Gravity and Antimatter
  • Matter-Antimatter interactions
  • Hadron and Nuclear Physics with Antiprotons
  • Exotic Atoms
  • Antimatter in the Universe
  • Strangeness in Meson and Baryon Systems
  • New Techniques, Instrumentation and Facilities
  • Applications of Antiprotons